Elderly couple used as drug mules after winning vacation

Some things really are just too good to be true. A couple in Australia won an all-expense paid trip to Canada, with accommodations, brand new luggage and — $7 million worth of methamphetamine.

A 64-year-old woman, who has been identified only as Sue, says she and her 74-year-old husband won the trip to North America through an online competition that promised them seven nights of accommodations, spending money, return flights and more. (Via Perth Now)

Sue says it seemed legitimate so she and her husband packed up and went on holiday. But that competition ended up being an elaborate Canadian-based online scam targeting elderly people.

CBC says the couple was a bit suspicious about the new luggage they received on their way home to Australia, so they called police who later discovered the drugs in the luggage. (Via CBC)

The couple planned to meet with someone upon their arrival home and officials immediately launched an investigation.

Authorities ended up in Scarborough where they searched a car and room, finding documents related to the hoax and bags similar to the ones given to the elderly couple along with $15,000 cash. (Via CTV)

A 38-year-old Canadian man was reportedly arrested at the airport in connection with the con and charged with importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug. The couple has not been held responsible for any wrongdoing. (Via Australian Federal Police)

Sue says, even though the holiday might’ve ended a bit unexpectedly, she and her husband had a pretty good time.

"There's bits in between where it was a bit higgly-piggly if you will … Beautiful! Fantastic! Couple times, again, had doubts, but it was a good holiday." (Via NineMSN)

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