Is Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler coming back?

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No, Slimer’s nowhere to be seen but a can recently sold on Ebay that appears to be a concept design for a resurrected Ecto Cooler.

A can sample that features Ghostbusters, Ecto Cooler and Hi-C branding was recently posted and sold on Ebay.

The can did not have an opening top and was not filled with citrus drink, according to the seller.

“This was sent to a friend who used to work for a marketing company,” the seller wrote in the post for the can. “My friend hasn't worked there in a long time and received this via UPS or FedEx the other day. It was in a plain box with a box containing these inside. No paperwork.”

Hi-C rebranded its Citrus Cooler beverage as Ecto Cooler in 1987 as a product tie-in with "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon, which was based on the highly successful live-action movie.

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The drink was expected to last as long as the cartoon show, which was canceled in 1991. Slimer was removed from the packaging in 1997. However, the drink continued to be sold under the Ecto Cooler name until 2001, according to Retro Junk. The drink was renamed Shoutin’ Orange Tangerine and Crazy Citrus Cooler before it was discontinued in 2006.

While there is no official word on the reboot of the classic beverage, Coca-Cola, did file trademark patent for the drink, according to CNBC. The patent was approved in November.