Donald and Megyn: An anatomy of a feud

Tuesday night on Fox, journalist Megyn Kelly sits down for an interview with presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The sit-down interview is being looked at as a truce of sorts for the two, who have been feuding for nearly a year.

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Here is a look back at their feud.

Republican debate

In August, Kelly was a moderator of the first Republican debate of the election season. Trump, who has a storied history when it comes to his comments on women, was called out by Kelly.

During the Fox-hosted debate, Kelly took Trump to task on his comments, listing the terms he has used for women in the past.

"You've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals," Kelly said, before Trump interrupted to quip, "only Rosie O'Donnell."

Kelly promptly responded, "No, it wasn't," before going on to list examples of past tweets in which she said Trump made disparaging comments about women.

Trump didn't appreciate being called out and considered Kelly's questioning "unfair." Trump insinuated to CNN that Kelly had been menstruating at the time of the debate.

"You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her … wherever," he said, going on to call Kelly a "lightweight reporter" on Twitter in January.

Trump later backtracked on his "blood" comment, telling ABC News that by "wherever" he meant Kelly's nose.

Fox News gets in the middle

The feud made a stranger turn when Kelly's network, Fox, issued a statement criticizing Trump's "sick obsession" with their host in March, following Trump's Twitter attacks on Kelly.

"Donald Trump's vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land," Fox News said in a statement.

"As the mother of three young children, with a successful law career and the second-highest rated show in cable news, it’s especially deplorable for her to be repeatedly abused just for doing her job," the network said.

The Trump campaign responded through spokeswoman Hope Hicks in a statement.

"Megyn Kelly is a highly overrated reporter and anchor that constantly disparages Mr. Trump with negative and inaccurate reports," the statement said. "Despite the fact he wants nothing to do with her and will not appear on her show ('The Kelly File') due to her extremely biased reporting, much of the program is about him anyway on a nightly basis."

Meeting to settle the feud

In order for Kelly and Trump to get to the point of a sit down interview, Kelly requested to meet with Trump in April, as she confirmed on an April 13 episode of  "The Kelly File."

"The meeting was at my request and Mr. Trump was gracious enough to agree to it," she said. "We met for about an hour, just the two of us, and had the chance to clear the air."

Kelly said the two discussed doing a sit-down interview, which led to the pre-taped chat set to air Tuesday night on "Megyn Kelly Presents."

"I have great respect for the fact that Megyn was willing to call me," Trump told People in a statement. "Few people would have been able to do that. She has natural showbiz ability with unlimited potential. Regarding the interview, I know people will enjoy it."

"I knew all along that if there could be a period of calm on his part, that I could go and approach him and we could get to a better place," Kelly said.

Viewers will see for themselves whether or not Trump was a good sport Tuesday at 8 p.m.on Fox.