Dog owner makes it snow for her terminally ill dog

The owner of a terminally ill dog did something very special for man’s best friend.

Ashley Niels took 12-year-old Spunky to the vet when she noticed he wasn’t playing or eating.

"He just inhales his food all the time," Niels told KEYE-TV. "And I felt him and he seemed a little bloated, so I decided to take him in (to the vet). But I thought, you know, it would be nothing."

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When Niels brought Spunky in, a vet diagnosed him with cancer.

"And they told me there was nothing that they could do, not even surgery or chemotherapy," Niels said.

Niels lived in Wisconsin for years and remembered a promise that she made to Spunky.

"On the day of his diagnosis, I remember that I promised him he would see snow again, and it really kind of crushed me that I would have to break that," Niels said. zSo she turned to Facebook for help.

Her friends helped Niels out, renting a backyard snow machine so she could make it snow for Spunky one last time.

"It was really touching. They wanted to make sure I didn't have to break that promise to him," Niels said.

So much snow ended up being produced, a local animal shelter allowed other dogs to join in on the fun.