Dog jumps through glass window to attack another dog

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An Oklahoma woman’s dog is in ICU after being attacked when another dog jumped through the window of a south Tulsa home.

Ann Wagner, the dog's owner, told FOX23 that her dog was minding its business, looking out the front window of the house.

Wagner said that’s when a pit bull jumped through the glass window and attacked. She said as soon as the dog jumped through the glass, it latched on to her dachshund’s neck and would not let go.

She told FOX23 that she tried pulling the pit bull off by its collar, but she said it wasn’t budging.

There was blood and broken glass all over her porch and house. Her dog, Beau, was in surgery for three hours and went into shock. He’s expected to be in ICU for several days, but is expected to survive.

Wagner said she’s thankful for that. “I’m standing over the dog holding on to his collar trying to pull him off, did not realize, my gosh, had it turned around and attacked me we really would have been in trouble,” she said.

Wagner’s daughter reached out to FOX23 on Tuesday morning and said they realized the dog also bit Wagner on the foot during the struggle, and she’s being treated for that now.

Police don’t know where the pit bull is, but they believe they have some good leads on who the dog belongs to in the neighborhood. The dog’s owner is facing up to a $1,200 fine.