Doctors: Man’s eyeball came out of its socket during fight

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When emergency room doctors spoke to police about the severity of a Boca Raton man’s injuries they said there was a good chance he wouldn’t see out of his left eye ever again. Doctors explained when he was beaten that morning, his eye had come out of its socket.

One involved in the man’s beating was arrested Tuesday, according to Boca Raton police.

Jairo Hernandez Ramirez, 25, faces charges of aggravated battery causing disability. He remains in the Palm Beach County Jail on $25,000 bond.

On Monday morning, a man left El Torito, a nightclub in suburban Lake Worth, and got into his 2003 Ford Expedition he bought the week before. He told police he let a woman use the car during the weekend. The woman, a 19-year-old dancer at the nightclub, told police the man bought the car for her and she was free to use it. So when she saw him trying to leave with her car, she hit him a few times. Police noted the man drank six beers before the fight.

A witness told police they saw the woman and the man get into an argument, and the woman hit him several times. The man went into the SUV and locked the doors, according to the woman. Moments later, the Ford Expedition lurched forward and hit a gray, four-door Honda. The man came out of the SUV and Hernandez Ramirez fought him, according to police. The witness said Hernandez Ramirez got him on the ground and kicked him in the face multiple times.

The injured man walked himself to the hospital where police met him. The man was able to help investigators identify Hernandez Ramirez and others through Facebook, according to the report.

Hernandez Ramirez does not have a criminal record, according to Palm Beach County records.