Doctor does procedure by smartphone light in Seattle outage

When the power went out for more than half of downtown Seattle on Wednesday afternoon, one doctor didn’t let the dark get in the way of a procedure.

Jason Markham and Kenny Strong told KIRO 7 News  that it was supposed to be a normal check-up at the doctor's office, getting staples removed after neck surgery.

But they said while they were waiting, the power went out.

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But their doctor didn't miss a beat.  They were called in, and with some improvisation, she delicately removing the staples in Markham's neck.

“My husband suggested to hold his cellphone flashlight over my back as she started to remove the staples,” Markham said.

The doctor did the procedure by smartphone light.

They said they were done in about 15-20 minutes.

Strong said after they were done, they couldn't risk a walk down several flights of stairs, so they decided to wait until traffic died down.