Deputies: Florida man attacks another man, dog with machete

A Florida man was arrested after police said he got into an argument with another man and came back with a machete, swinging it at the man and his dog.

Wilson Junior Dorman, 57, was near an intersection in Gibsonton on Sunday evening when he got into an argument with Edwin Stoner, 22, who was walking his pit bull mix, Red, Bay News 9 reports. Deputies said Dorman went home after the argument and came back out with a machete.

According to deputies, Dorman attacked Stone and Red with the machete, leaving lacerations to the ear and neck on Stone and a six-inch deep laceration on Red’s left side and a three-inch laceration on his back.

"My dog laid down in front of the guy, and the guy just starts to whaling on my dog," Stone's sister, Tina Rodriguez, told WTVT.

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"When he brought the machete up, the dog just laid down. Instantly laid down. And he just got on top and started hitting it," Rudy Rodriguez added.

The injuries were not life-threatening for Stone or Red, but they both needed medical attention.

Dorman faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated animal cruelty.

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