Democratic debate in Flint: What time, what channel, where is the live stream?

After Bernie Sanders chalked up wins in Nebraska and Kansas Saturday, he and Hillary Clinton will take to the stage in Flint, Mich., for the eighth Democratic debate.

After Super Tuesday and Saturday’s primaries and caucuses,  Clinton has 1,121 delegates -- of which 458 are superdelegates. Sanders has 479 delegates, including 22 superdelegates. To win the Democratic nomination for president, a candidate needs 2,383 delegates.

Here’s a quick look at how and what to watch for in Sunday’s debate 

When: Sunday,  March 6

Where: Flint, Mich.

What time: The debate starts at 8 p.m. (ET)

Hosted by: CNN, The Flint Journal and The University of Michigan-Flint

Airs on: The debate will air live on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Español. CNN is on: DirecTV - channel 202; Dish Network - channel 200; ATT U-verse - channel 202.

Live stream: CNN will live stream the debate on's homepage and across mobile platforms. According to CNN, all users will be able to watch live CNN TV online and on their mobile devices without logging in.

Moderators: The debate will be moderated by Anderson Cooper. CNN's Don Lemon will join as a questioner. The candidates will also each field questions from Michigan voters.

Who's in:  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Below are links to their websites.

•    Hillary Clinton

•    Bernie Sanders

Likely issues:

While we don't know for sure, the likely issues to be raised in the debate include:

1. The water crisis in Flint.

2. Big money – Who is donating to which campaign; Sanders says Clinton will be beholding to big-money donors if she wins.

3. The transcripts – Sanders has begun to call for Clinton to release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street financial institutions for which she was paid more than $200,000.

4.  Taxes – Sanders says he will raise taxes to give everyone free health care, but that you’ll save more money in the end because the taxes will be less than the annual cost of health care premiums.

5. Trade -- Sanders has been attacking Clinton’s stance on trade in recent days, saying Clinton’s support of free trade agreements caused a loss of jobs in the Midwest.

When's the next one:

The next Republican debate is Thursday, March. 10. It will be held at the University of Miami. It is sponsored by CNN, Salem Media Group and The Washington Times.

The next Democratic debate will be on Wednesday at Miami Dade College in Miami. It will be hosted by  Univision and The Washington Post.