Daughter sees father gunned down, killed during possible Craigslist deal

A 10-year-old girl watched as her father was killed during a possible Craigslist deal in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jake Brantner went to a parking lot to sell a handgun.

Friends of Brantner told KCTV that the deal was set up on Craigslist, but police have not confirmed that.

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Shooting started and witnesses told police that Brantner fired back trying to defend himself and his daughter.

She was a few feet away, sitting in her father's truck, when the shooting happened.

"It's terrible. She has to live with this the rest of her life," one witness told KCTV.

Witnesses, many of whom were parking at the lot to walk to a Kansas City Royals game, dove for cover.

An off duty police officer was working nearby and ran when he heard the shots.

No arrests have been made.