Dangerous trend: Teens are making DIY braces that can ruin their teeth

Thankfully, the #KylieJennerChallenge lip-plumping trend is long gone. But teens apparently have started another dangerous fad: do-it-yourself braces.

According to WISH, youngsters have flooded YouTube with hundreds of videos that show how to close gaps in teeth with elastic bands. The problem? This method can ruin their teeth, experts say.

"Certainly, you can move teeth with elastic hairbands, but you have no control over that movement and you can actually damage the teeth, the supporting bone structures underneath, and it can even result in the loss of teeth," said Dr. Karen Cottingham of Cottingham Orthodontics in Indianapolis

The American Association of Orthodontists has issued a warning about the disturbing trend, which they say can visibly damage teeth in just four weeks.

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