Dad threatens teen with school visit when son won’t shut up in class

A gregarious teen learned that you don’t mess with Dad or teachers when they tell you to be quiet in class. Brad Howard, 17, learned the lesson the hard way.

Brad’s teacher kept emailing his dad about his misbehavior in his physics class.

His dad, who is also named Brad, threatened his son that he’d be his chaperone during his school day if he didn’t keep his mouth shut in class.

One more warning from the teacher was all it took for the threat to become reality, BuzzFeed reported.

When the younger Brad walked into class, he didn’t notice his dad sitting at his desk, but was shocked to see dad waiting for him.

😂— Molli Howard (@mollih04) May 5, 2017

The older Brad said he was nervous being there, telling BuzzFeed: "Mentally I hadn't prepared to go into a situation like that."

While the younger Brad could have been the butt of his friend’s jokes, his dad said his son’s friends enjoyed having him there.

“I think they had a good time, especially knowing that Bradley was put in an uncomfortable situation,” he said.

Brad the elder said his son's teacher appreciated his appearance in class, but he hopes he doesn't have to do it again. "I pray it was a one-time thing," Brad the dad told BuzzFeed.