Customer tips this man a brand new set of teeth

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Doo-Dah Diner server Brian Maixner had severe dental issues. His smile was filled with gaps and plagued by infection.

According to the "Wichita Eagle," when customer Fred Boettcher came in the Wichita restaurant in January and saw Maixner, he related to him immediately. The Oklahoma-based attorney had also struggled with dental issues as a child.

So, instead of the usual 20 percent, Boettcher left Maixner with a tip big enough to pay for a new set of teeth. Though physical appearances can be a touchy subject, Maixner was thrilled. He had always wanted to fix his teeth, but the cheerful waiter had never been able to afford it.

And now Maixner has a brand new smile. Boettcher set him up with his dentist in Oklahoma, who recently pulled the damaged chompers and gave him a temporary set of pearly white dentures. In six to eight months, once Maixner's mouth has healed, he'll receive permanent implants.

“I’m enjoying the heck out of this,” Maixner told the "Eagle." “It’s a whole life changer.”

Maixner said he's learning to speak clearly again and getting used to a dramatically different new look.

Boettcher said this is actually not the first time he's changed someone’s life in this way. He's helped a few others improve their smiles.

Maixner before and after:

The generous tipper: