Coyote Ugly patron says manager kicked her out for being gay

A tourist from Nashville claims a manager kicked her out of Coyote Ugly Saloon because she is gay.
Cat Mahan, 31, went to Coyote Ugly Saloon on Beale Street Tuesday night, a stop on her road trip from Mississippi to her home in Nashville.
“He looked me up and down, the way I was dressed, the way my demeanor is, and he said, ‘No, you cannot get on the bar,” Mahan told WHBQ in an interview.
Mahan said she ordered a body shot at the bar, which allows its patrons to stand on the bar top.

She said bartenders and people inside were friendly and respectful, but a manager put an end to the fun.
“He proceeded to kick me out, because I was screaming that he’s homophobic across his bar,” Mahan said. “Then, when he got me outside, he told me that if I’m dressed like a man, I’m going to be treated like a man.”
Mahan’s outrage has been shared and viewed by hundreds of people on social media, and her supporters have begun writing one-star reviews on the bar’s Yelp page.
Coyote Ugly’s Founder and CEO Liliana Lovell has not hesitated to address the issue online, writing multiple posts on her blog Lil Spill on the company’s website.
Thursday, Lovell wrote a post which said, in part:
“I am literally hysterical laughing thinking, half the bartenders were probably gay that were working that night ... Instead of blaming your behavior on us why not say, ‘I am sorry, I wasn’t being cognizant about the rules of the bar.’” That’s it. No big deal. But no, now we will have to deal with this ridiculousness.”
The CEO did not specifically address the manager in question.
Mahan said she wants the manager to be fired. Her supporters have echoed the sentiment on social media.
“I hope and I pray that this is going to be the last time that you do something like this,” Mahan said, adding that she believes this manager has treated other people the same way. “I want you yourself to open up your heart and love everyone just like I do.”
In a more diplomatic response via email, Lovell sent WHBQ a statement that said all employees are trained to treat patrons equally.
“Coyote Ugly has long-standing, well-established rules of decorum that are strictly enforced at all of our bars worldwide to ensure everyone’s safety,” Lovell said in the statement. “The policy states that there will be no physical contact of any kind of any person while on the bar from a patron on the ground.”
“This policy is for any person and has no differentiation for people of varying gender, relationship, race, sexuality or any other perceived or real defining classification,” Lovell continued.
But Mahan stands by her complaints about the local bar manager, and her supporters online are disgusted by the CEO mocking the patron’s concerns.
“Of course I was upset,” Mahan wrote in a post shortly after the blogs were published. “Your manager told me if I was dressed like a man, he was going to treat me like a man, and then acted like he was going to fight me in front of your bar! You have got to be kidding me!”