Couple complains about bedbugs, hotel calls police on them

A Maryland couple taking refuge at a hotel after a snowstorm left them stranded on their drive home complained about bedbugs in their room and police were called to their door.

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Helena Gray and Brian Blackmon called the manager Dec. 28 after they noticed bedbugs in their room at the Santa Rosa La Quinta Inn, KOB reported.

"We had been sleeping with insects that had been nesting on us so we called the front desk and voiced our displeasure about it," Gray told KOB.

Minutes later, the general manager, another staff member, the Santa Rosa chief of police and another officer appeared outside the door to their $180 room, KOB reported.

The couple recorded video of the interaction.

“They came out because we were acting belligerent and breaking stuff,” Blackmon said to the general manager in the video. “Are you aware of anything we broke?”

She replied, “No sir, there was nothing that was broke. I did call because of how the situation is and how mad you were – not breaking things – just not sure what was going on.”

Police left the hotel without taking any action, Gray told KOB.

The hotel, staff and police did not comment about the incident, KOB reported.

Gray and Blackmon have since made it back to Maryland.