Coroner rules couple's death was result of 'dramatic gesture' of compassion

In May of 2013 an Australian couple boarded a Carnival Spirit cruise after dating for nine months.

Paul Rossington, 30, and Kristen Schroder, 26, fell 18 meters to their deaths after she lost her footing on a ledge and he, a paramedic, jumped to save her.

Still, on Tuesday, a coroner, Hugh Dillon, said the deaths resulted from a "dramatic gesture to alarm and test," according to the Canberra Times.

The couple's death is especially tragic because their bodies were never recovered "even more distressing than most because of the loneliness of their deaths in a dark ocean, and because they had gone on the cruise in the hope of restoring and reinforcing their relationship," Dylan said.

The ship's cameras were able to catch the couple's final hours on camera.

The couple had a disagreement, which Schroder sometimes wrote about in her diary, on the floor and went back to their room separately after skipping their dinner plans.

They died 20 minutes later, according to an Australia news report. Security guards saw thermal images of their bodies plummeting from the fifth floor balcony deck when reviewing the film later.

The couple's chances of survival were very slim, as they only had about 20 seconds to be rescued and brought back on board considering where they fell from, the report said.

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