Conspiracies swirl around Walmart closings

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Five Walmart stores in four states closed suddenly this week.

One of those stores was in Oklahoma. Two were in Texas, one was in California and one was in Florida.

Walmart says the stores all are temporarily closed because of plumbing issues and will reopen in about six months.

It didn’t take long for the conspiracies to spread. Some say the stores are being prepped to become FEMA detention centers as part of a ‘dry run’ for a martial law situation.

Another conspiracy says radioactive food was delivered to those stores and now they need to be ‘decontaminated.’

A less bizarre theory is that asbestos was found in those buildings.

Walmart’s corporate office gave reaction to such ideas.

“I think that sometimes the truth is just a little boring,” Walmart spokewoman Erica Jones said.

Jones said the issues have reached the point that they cannot be fixed while the stores are open.