Company develops bulletproof blanket to protect against school shootings, natural disasters

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An Oklahoma company is capitalizing on recent violence in schools and has developed a bulletproof blanket that it claims could protect a child from a bullet or even tornado debris. 
The Oklahoman reported ProTecht created its Bodyguard Blanket.  It's a bulletproof pad that is designed to protect students during disasters.  
According to the company's website, the blanket will protect the wearer, whether a child or adult, from 90 percent of weapons that have been used in U.S. school shootings.  

The blanket looks like a mat that straps onto the wearer with backpack-like shoulder straps, reported.  Once the person dons the blanket, they then do the traditional school protection position of duck and cover, according to the Huffington Post

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The protection comes at a cost of $1,000 per blanket, but according to the Oklahoman, that is less expensive than building tornado shelters. reported that the primary idea came from protecting children from tornadoes where no shelter is available.
Last year, the New York Times reported on the University of Maryland Eastern Shore bulletproof wipe boards purchase. They were made by the company that developed armor for the military.  School districts in Maryland, Minnesota and North Dakota also installed the boards according to the report.