College student resorts to using Barbie Jeep after license is suspended

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When 20-year-old Texas State student Tara Monroe was pulled over in her car in March, she exercised her right to refuse a breathalyzer test.

She was stripped of her car and booked into jail. When she posted bond and was released, she still needed a way to get around campus but soon realized that a bike wasn't for her.

Riding a bike "like, really sucks," she said to

So she resorted to a Craigslist splurge on a $60 Barbie Jeep that goes 5 mph at top speed.

The Jeep, which Monroe named Charlene after the previous owner, has earned the industrial engineering major Internet glory.

'This is the best way I could have gotten my 15 minutes of fame," Monroe said to

Some people have praised her on social media, while others feel it's immature, she said.

The attention has been overwhelming for Monroe, who recently refused an on-camera interview, but she's been encouraged to let her mistake be an example for others.

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