College student helps deliver baby outside apartment complex

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A University of North Carolina-Charlotte biology student and his neighbor helped deliver a stranger's baby Tuesday morning outside a University City apartment complex.

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Daniel Kepple and his neighbor Kathy Hardee Hammonds heard a woman screaming for help around 9 a.m. on Waterford Hills Drive.

“I opened the door and I (saw) a lady lying right here on the concrete screaming, ‘Help me, I'm going to have a baby,’” Hammonds said.

Kepple said he called his mom who told him to grab blankets and a pillow.

He called 911 and the operator walked him through how to help deliver the baby boy.

“I'm just praying to God like please, let this baby cry or something and after I did that the baby finally started to cry,” Kepple said.

Kepple said the baby was born in under 10 minutes.

Paramedics rushed to the apartment complex to check out the mother and baby.

Kepple and Hammonds believe both are OK.