Cincinnati mayor compares Donald Trump to Voldemort

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, who will host a private fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on Monday, compared presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to Lord Voldemort, the villain in the "Harry Potter" series, in a talk during the Southwest Ohio Democrats luncheon Friday.

It’s not the first time Trump’s been compared to the fictional villain, but Cranley talked about how his son is reading the popular book series about a child wizard. He said that led to a conversation about how Voldemort treats people based on their heritage.

“This is incredibly dangerous, what Trump represents,” he told the couple of hundred regional Democrats at the Millennium Hotel. “Voldemort wants to discriminate against certain types of people because of who their parents are. (Trump) talked about a judge and who his parents were. That’s not this country. None of us are perfect, but we are trying to include everyone.”

Trump is in a legal battle involving his defunct Trump University, where people say they were scammed into buying into the real estate program. The judge hearing the case is an American of Mexican descent, and Trump called into question his ability to fairly preside over the case because of Trump's rhetoric about those from Mexico.

But if Trump becomes president, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said that would set her city back.

"We're an immigrant-friendly community, and we're really proud because we believe in order to grow our community we need to be diverse and make sure everyone that comes to the city or lives in the city knows that we're about," she said.

She continued, saying that “there’s no doubt” if Trump becomes president “that he would take every single dollar that he could out of our police forces because of that policy. And we would be a less-inclusive, opening community. It’s a core value with us — no matter who you love, or where you come from, you’re welcome in Dayton. I don’t want that value to go because Donald Trump is president.”