Christmas wish: 21-year-old woman asks stepmom to adopt her

They have been family nearly as long as anyone can remember.

But Marissa Thaman wanted to make her stepmom her legal mom. After 17 years, Marissa surprised her stepmom Heather Thamann with adoption papers that were presented on Christmas morning, WKRC reported.

Marissa's biological mom died when Marissa was only 3 months old. When she was 4, her dad Brian met Heather and eventually got married.

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While they have been a family for nearly two decades, Marissa wanted to make Heather her mom in the eyes of the courts.

That's where the Christmas present came in. Watch the video below:

Posted by Marissa Thamann on Monday, December 26, 2016

"She's always been my mom, it's just paper but it's important to have her on my birth certificate," Marissa told WKRC.

And while Heather could have done the paperwork, she said, "It was really nice getting it from her instead of doing it myself because it's like she really wants it so I'm happy for that."

Marissa had signed the papers that just needed Heather's signature that are being sent from the lawyers, WKRC reported.