Christmas tree could have bugs in it, but not thousands

The History Of The Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are going up in homes across the country, but before deciding on the real thing over a fake, it’s best to make sure pest control is in order.

According to data collected by a pest control company called SafeGuard, thousands of bugs could be in your live Christmas tree. Citing a 2012 study from University of Bergen, the company claims up to 25,000 bugs could be crawling in one tree.

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The number doesn't hold up, according to the Penn State Department of Entomology. Occasionally, one or two insects may be in the tree. Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences lists spiders, scale insects, mites, sawflies and beetles among the kinds of critters found in the tree. Most are harmless, however.

Fresh Christmas trees are home to bugs, but most won't last by the time they are in homes across the country.

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

To combat bugs and keep them from ruining tree trimming, trees should be shaken before taken into the home. Most lots will shake them before they are loaded into the car. The trees can also be kept in a garage for a few days to dry it out, which will destroy most of the bugs. Chemical treatment of trees is not advised, as they are highly flammable.

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