Chicken dies of herpes outbreak at county fair

File photo. (Photo: Capri23auto/Pixabay)

File photo. (Photo: Capri23auto/Pixabay)

A chicken died suddenly at the Clark County Fair as a result of a herpes virus, fair officials said.

"It's a herpes virus, highly contagious," said Clark County Fair veterinarian Dana King, who confirmed the diagnosis Friday morning. "We're going to have to inform every exhibitor unfortunately that we had a contagious disease here. Fortunately, it's only in chickens and pheasants."

King said the fair was contacted Wednesday night after a chicken suddenly died. After testing with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, it was determined the death was a result of the virus.

King said the virus usually has a low mortality rate; however, officials are contacting everyone who had an animal on exhibit at the fair.

The birds brought to the county fair are now being quarantined for 30 days, which will prevent any of them to attend the state fair in Columbus.
"The exhibitors going on to the state fair are going to be denied that opportunity, which we feel very sorry about," King said.