CEOs, NCAA react to Indiana’s new law allowing businesses to refuse service to gays

The CEO of, Marc Benioff, canceled all company events in Indiana after Gov. Mike Pence signed a law "that could protect business owners who refuse to serve LGBT couples." (Source:

Indiana is hosting this year’s Final Four tournament, and the NCAA also reacted, saying it is “especially concerned” with implications of the law for visitors, as well as student-athletes.

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"The measure, which was signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana on Thursday, gives state businesses the right to not provide service to gay and lesbian couples based on 'religious freedom,'" USA Today reported

After the law was signed, Benioff reacted immediately and tweeted his intentions:

Benioff also said would “dramatically reduce our investment in IN based on our employee’s & customer’s outrage over the Religious Freedom Bill.”

Other CEOs also took action, including Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman: