Cat gives returning soldier a big welcome home

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The Internet is chock-full of the heartwarming reunions between soldiers and their beloved dogs. But a cat named Finn proves that felines can miss their owners just as much as their canine counterparts.

In the adorable video, Finn, one very chatty Ragdoll, paces by the door and meows in anticipation. Finally the door opens and soldier Nick (only identified by his first name in the video) strides in to be enthusiastically greeted by Finn and Nick’s girlfriend, who is filming the reunion on her smartphone. Boo, the couple's Siamese cat, patiently awaits in the background.

After Finn rubs on Nick’s belongings, Nick opens his arms and Finn jumps up for a hug. Nick gives his big lover of a cat a few head scratches and even a quick kiss.

Looks like Finn is a Daddy's boy.