Canada goose and American bald eagle battle it out for nations' pride

It was the battle of the century. A war between two worlds. A decisive moment between two nations' heroes.

Actually, it was a squabble between a Canada goose and an American bald eagle.

The metaphorical fight between the two birds took place last week in Vancouver Island, Canada. The moment was captured and published to Facebook by local photographer Lisa Bell while she was vacationing with her family, according to CTV Vancouver Island.

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Apparently, the eagle made the first move. He came down from the sky and landed right on top of the goose, pinning him down.

Then, as the eagle adjusted itself, the goose took its chance and managed to slip away. As it took off, the eagle quickly chased after him but was unsuccessful at recapturing the goose.

"It's nature, it's spectacular actually," Bell told CTV Vancouver Island. "You're rooting for the goose and seeing what's going to happen."

In the end, both birds were fine and carried on with their lives. The goose appeared to only have minor talon scratches.

So as one Facebook commenter wrote: "America – 1, Canada – 0."