Cake fail: Walmart mistakenly gives family decorated foam cake when order wasn’t filled

A Texas family’s graduation celebration was supposed to be perfect, but two mistakes made by a Pasadena Walmart put a damper on the party.

Marsy Flores told multiple media outlets that she had ordered a two-tier graduation cake for her daughter’s high school graduation party.

But when she arrived to pick it up, it was not ready.

To make up for the order mistake, workers said Flores could pick any of the pre-made cakes at no charge. She did and they decorated it and she took the cake home, KPRC reported.

But when she went to serve it, instead of cutting into cake, she cut directly into a foam form.

Flores recorded the second cake blunder.

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Despite Walmart admitting to the mistake, Flores is not happy.

"They can't replace the moment that we lost. It's a special moment, and this is what we got for it, a Styrofoam cake. Not only did they mess up one time, they did it twice," Flores told KPRC.

Flores told KTRK that she and her family felt humiliated and they went back to Walmart. The manager gave them a $60 gift card, which was the cost of the cake,  a second gift card and another free cake, KTRK reported.

Walmart sent a statement to both KTRK, "This was the result of a misunderstanding. We attempted to make things right with the customer by way of a gift card."

A similar statement was made to KPRC.