Bus stop 'Dancing Queen' lands job after video goes viral

A secretly taped video of a woman dancing on her daily commute turned out to be her ticket to fame and a new job.

"This is 35-year-old Ellie Cole. This went viral in April. She was filmed breaking it down while waiting for the bus in New Hampshire. Oh yea, the slow roll." (Via WKMG)

Cole, dubbed the "bus stop dancing queen," danced for more than two minutes. The video was put on YouTube and quickly got hundreds of thousands of views. (Via YouTube / Jane Rowland)

The video eventually made its way into the lap of playwright Lynne Paris after her son showed it to her. Paris then sought out the dancing secretary to offer her a gig in the play "Ah Men!" at The Point Theatre. (Via BT)

Not bad for busting some moves at a bus stop.

And, you guessed it, The Telegraph reports she will be dancing in an opening scene. Cole commented on the offer saying, "It's very flattering and humbling. There's no doubt it's very exciting."

NBC reports this is more than just a new job for Cole, who actually studied performing arts but couldn't afford to keep going to class. It's an opportunity to continue her passion. NBC reports she wears her headphones everyday and can't help but dance.

The woman who took the video called Cole an inspiration and news anchors were amazed by her ticket to fame.

“Dance your way to fame everybody! You never know!”

"My kind of deal." (Via WDAF)

And if you were wondering, instead of the song Dancing Queen, Cole was actually listening to Alesha Dixon’s “Knock Down” in the video.

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