Blind horse, seeing-eye camel become best friends

You've heard of seeing-eye dogs for blind people. But how about a seeing-eye camel -- for a horse?

The unlikely friendship started at the Pony X-Press Zoo in Winslow, Maine where a horse named Dolly and a camel named Caesar live and entertain crowds as a team.

"She's probably the only horse that has a seeing-eye camel; she unfortunately has gone blind,” Ed Papsis of the zoo said.

Papsis said Caesar is the main draw for the zoo, likely because of how unique he is.

“Normally people are thinking of the desert camels,” he said. "He's the friendliest thing."

Caesar needed company, but there was some trouble at first.

"We tried putting alpacas in with him and that didn't work out, he was too big,” Papsis said.

Then as Dolly’s eyesight diminished, she needed a guide.

"We put the horse in here and she just kind of bonded with him and he bonded with her,” Papsis said. "It worked out because as she went blind, she relies on him and she'll follow him around."