Barber goes out of his way to give man in wheelchair haircut

While driving down Main Street in Brockton, Massachusetts on Thursday, there was an unusual sight on the sidewalk.

A barber had plugged his clippers into an outdoor outlet and was giving a man in a wheelchair a haircut.

The photo shows there are stairs going into the barbershop, meaning the man in the wheelchair wouldn't have been able to go in.

Ryan Jones took a photo and shared it in The Brockton Hub's Facebook group. 

"This barber could have easily said, 'Sorry bud I can't get you in because you're in that wheelchair,' but instead he accommodated that man and did what he had to do to make sure he had a fresh-cut," Jones wrote.

Jones told WFXT the barbershop is called Bester Styles Family Barber Shop and is located at 73 Pleasant St. He hopes that business takes off for the man.

The photo has been shared more than 100 times and people are praising the owner.