Attention old TV show lovers: 'Charmed' reboot in development

After more than 10 years, what was once the highest rated Sunday night show on the WB is slated for a return — with a new twist, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly and the CW network.

“Charmed,” which ran for eight seasons, became something of a cult classic before ending in 2006. The show centered on three sisters who discovered they were the most powerful witches in existence. The reboot, however, will not. It’s less a revival of the series than a reimagining, introducing new characters, a new plot and a new era — 1976!

CW writers Jessica O’Toole, Amy Rardin and Jennie Snyder, who worked together on the network’s “Jane the Virgin,” will write the script. “Charmed” will join “Gilmore Girls” and other shows with reboots or sequels aimed at nostalgic viewers who watched the original series as children or teenagers.

The show is still in the writing stage, so it’s unclear if — or how — any of the original cast members will be involved. But at least two of them seemed optimistic, if not excited.