‘Anaconda Burrito’ a sensation at California restaurant

A California restaurant is setting the internet on fire with its large — and we mean large — burrito.

At Taquiera Yarelis in Fresno, the house specialty is a 3-foot long "Anaconda Burrito." For $23, customers can gorge on a concoction made from five large tortillas, rice, refried beans, cheese, beef fajita, onions and topped with three different kinds of salsa and lime juice. The burrito is browned on a griddle and served in a long aluminum pan.

The restaurant owners posted a video to their Facebook page on Nov. 21, and it has had 95,000 likes, 56,000 comments and more than 232,000 shares.

"People from out of town, Los Angeles, San Diego," owner Edwin Espinoza told KFSN. "They say they've never come to Fresno but they've come because of the Anaconda Burrito."

Espinoza told KFSN that the demand for the burrito was so high, that he had to hire three more people to help in the kitchen.