After close call, man warns others about helping people on side of road at night

Man Warning Others About Helping People On Side of Road at Night After Close Call

John Hadyniak was driving home Sunday night when he saw a woman on the side of the road, seemingly in distress while trying to change her tire.

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Hadyniak, who works as a mechanic, started to pull over around 10 p.m. to give her a hand and thought something was strange. The trunk lid was closed, there was no jack and she was holding a tire iron.

"Things didn't add up. It was just a bad feeling," Hadyniak told WXYZ. "I put the flashlight on her when I got out of the car, and about 15 feet off the side of the road, there was a guy laying in the grass. I hit him with the light. He got up and jumped in the car and took off."

Hadyniak is using the experience to warn others.

"Worst case scenario, I could have got bopped in the head with that, laid dead on the side of the expressway," he told WXYZ. "(They could have) robbed me, stole my car -- everything. If I wouldn't have seen him, it would have been bad news."

He also contacted police.

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