Afghan hound retires from show dog career, becomes spokesdog

Tea was a successful show dog until she recently retired.

After a photo of her went viral in June, the 5-year-old Afghan hound was thrust into a new profession, animal actor.

It was a natural fit.

"Even our weekend walks draw a crowd," Luke Kavanagh told The Daily Telegraph in Australia. "She pretends she doesn't need the attention, but she definitely loves it, just like any supermodel."

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Millions of people viewed the image of Tea gracefully posing on a bench, turning it into a meme and the dog a star.

She has appeared in advertising campaigns for Harriot and Hounds' dog perfume and is the spokesdog for Royal Canine dog food.

And the story behind the image that sparked her second career?

"I just did it one day after her bath," Kavanagh said. "I guess people were mostly drawn to it because of her silky coat coupled with that dignified look that Tea has, but that's just her being her."