As adults froze in horror, one high school student helped runner suffering breakdown

A family is thanking a cross-country runner for breaking the rules and coming to their daughter’s side during a terrifying moment.

Gracie Bucher is an eighth-grade student in Windom, Minnesota. She recently broke down just feet from the finish line at a cross-country race, collapsing on the ground, struggling to finish the race.

As runners raced past her and parents stood at the sidelines watching only one person decided to break the rules to help her.

It was high school senior Liana Blomgren’s last race as a student when she spotted the fallen middle schooler, KARE reports.

Liana instinctively helped Gracie up and carried her weight to the finish line. Both of them were disqualified, but they say it was worth it.

"I knew she wasn't going to get to the finish line by herself and I knew that she needed somebody and nobody else was there for her," Liana told KARE.

Gracie couldn’t be more thankful.

“Knowing that she would do that, especially her senior year in her last race, it just means everything,” said Gracie.

Watch the heartwarming story below: