Accused speeder in Oklahoma clocked at 208 mph

A 19-year-old Oklahoma man led police on a high-speed chase Monday, attaining speeds as high as 208 mph on an Oklahoma City highway, authorities said.

Hector Fraire was spotted speeding on the Kilpatrick Turnpike, authorities said. Fox News reported that Fraire was originally clocked on a radar gun at 84 mph and sped away as police attempted to pull him over.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Fraire's heavily modified 2011 Ford Mustang was caught on radar at speeds of 176 mph and 208 mph.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Paul Timmons told KOKH that Fraire “was trying to get away from the trooper.”

“Apparently he had turned off his headlights, hoping to lose the trooper,” Timmons said.

When the pursuing officer lost sight of the vehicle, he radioed ahead to other units in the area. A Canadian County deputy spotted the vehicle and was able to intercept it, Fox News reported. Fraire was pulled over in a parking lot by the deputy and dropped his keys out the window, Fox News reported.

Fraire was arrested and charged with reckless driving and felony eluding.

Timmons said it was fortunate that nobody was hurt.

“At that type of speed, the end result is going to be very bad,” Timmons told KOKH.