Texas woman’s obit cites '2016 election' as cause of death

Credit: Mary Altaffer and Chuck Burton

Credit: Mary Altaffer and Chuck Burton

University of Texas at Austin alum and native Texan Elene Meyer Davis lived a full life. But, ultimately, the 2016 presidential election was too much for her.

According to Davis' obituary, the Houston Chronicle reports, the 91-year-old died last month from a combination of both "complications due to congestive heart failure and the 2016 Presidential campaign."

Although one of those doesn't sound entirely medical, most of us can relate to the feelings of frustration, confusion and anxiety brought on by this year's election. Reading through Davis' full obituary, it becomes apparent why she wouldn't have been a fan of this election season:

"A student of history, she felt strongly that political correctness was an excuse to erase facts and history and she deplored the misinformed, the ill-informed and the mal-informed and thus made no apologies for the Truth, which she demanded from her children and others at all times."