Republican reaction to mass shootings criticized: ‘God isn’t fixing this’

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After another deadly mass shooting in America, this one in San Bernardino, California that has claimed at least 14 lives, the New York Daily News created a cover that is generating discussion on social media.

The headline reads, “God Isn’t Fixing This,” and takes to task Republican politicians who offer up prayers to the victims’ families on social media but are vocal critics of gun control.

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Igor Volsky, contributing editor to the liberal news site ThinkProgress, went one step further, and responded to each Republican politician’s offer of prayers with a challenge to discuss gun control.

Such actions, called "prayer shaming" by some pundits, also is being criticized.

Prominent Democrats did take to social media to offer condolences and address gun violence after the San Bernardino shootings.

Reuters reported that so far this year, there have been more than 350 shootings in which four our more people have died.