Occupy protesters face eviction with end of DNC

The protesters who are camped out at Marshall Park in uptown Charlotte only have a few hours before police said they will make them leave.

While there have been a couple dozen arrests, most of the Occupy Charlotte protests have ended peacefully.

The city has allowed the protesters to camp out despite a city ordinance passed that bans camping out in parks.

Some of the Occupy protesters voiced their opinions on Thursday in the streets of uptown.

At least 10 people were arrested, some when police said they sat in the middle of the road and would not leave.

Police arrested more than 25 people this week during the DNC.

Channel 9 asked city leaders about evicting the protesters and were told the city manager has decided to leave the decision up to the police chief.

Chief Rodney Monroe has not commented on the situation.

Some of the protesters said they will leave anyway, when they head back home to other towns.