Mindy Kaling reveals she’s a mom of 2

Mindy Kaling is a mother of two.

The actress, author and producer revealed the surprising news during an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Thursday night.

“I got something I rarely get these days, which is good news,” Colbert said, “so if you wouldn’t mind sharing with our audience I think they’d be thrilled to find out something extraordinary that nobody knows up until this moment.”

“Yes, I’m telling it for the first time now. It feels so strange,” Kaling said. "I gave birth to a baby boy on Sept. 3. This is news to a lot of people. It’s true!”

“His name is Spencer,” she said. “I forgot the most important part of it.”

Kaling, who was at the show promoting her latest project, a book of a collection of essays called “Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes),” said she was hesitant to share the news because of the state of the world.

Kaling, who is private about her personal life, is also mother to 2-year-old Katherine Swati “Kit” Kaling, who she gave birth to in December 2017.

Just as in the case of her daughter, Kaling has not revealed who the father of her child is.

E! News reported that Kaling was photographed by paparazzi in August with what appeared to be a baby bump. She wore a black sweater, black leggings, and was masked up as she went to a children’s boutique in Los Angeles.