Mapping evictions in Metro Atlanta

As part of a year-long investigation into the causes of persistently high eviction filings in metro Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution determined filing rates for individual properties and individual landlords, and married the data to neighborhood demographics to learn how they related to eviction filings.

What we found is that neighborhood characteristics — and particularly race — are highly predictive of eviction rates, but they don’t tell the whole story. By combining companies together using the addresses and names they listed on their real estate purchases, the AJC also uncovered landlords that had far higher-than-average eviction rates at their properties.

Below is a map showing multifamily properties in metro Atlanta with 50 or more units and their eviction filing rates. The larger the circle, the more eviction filings the property had per unit listed with the county tax assessor’s office. Click on a property to get information on the building, including any limited liability companies (LLCs) that owned it in 2016.

The map also contains demographic information from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 five-year American Community Survey. Use the demographic filters to change the variables displayed on the underlying map to see their relationship to the eviction filing rates of multifamily properties.

We will update the database regularly as we continue our investigation into evictions in metro Atlanta.

Note: Some properties include multiple parcels. In those instances, building locations and owner information represent that of the parcel with the most habitable units, according to county tax assessment data.

Data collection and analysis by Jeff Ernsthausen
Map presentation by Emily Merwin DiRico
Jacquelyn Elias contributed to data analysis and verification