Man accused of stabbing roommate’s dog to death

A 64-year-old Roswell man was told not to bring a stray cat into the home where he was staying, his roommate told police. But William Jones did it anyway, even though the dog that already lived in the home wasn’t fond of cats.

Later that week, Buster the pit bull was dead after Jones allegedly stabbed the dog to death, according to police.

“I get a phone call and he says, ‘I just killed your dog,’” Patricia Jordan told Channel 2 Action News. “I thought he was messing around.”

Jordan found a gruesome scene when she returned to the Raintree Drive apartment.

“I go home and sure enough there’s blood on the floor, and there’s a knife stuck in the middle bedroom door with marks all over the door where he cut the door,” she said. “Mutilated the dog.”

Jones initially told police he attacked Buster, a blue-nosed pit bull, because Buster had attacked his cat earlier in the week.

“Then he changed his story and said the dog attacked him,” Officer Lisa Holland said. “He stabbed that dog multiple times. It was really a horrific scene inside the apartment.”

Jordan said Jones was a frequent houseguest who sometimes slept on the couch, Channel 2 reported. She warned him against bringing the cat inside, but he didn’t listen. The cat was not injured, she said.

“Who in their sick right mind would do that?” Jordan said. “I just don’t understand how, unless you are sick in the head, can do that to an animal.”

Jones was arrested and charged with felony cruelty to animals. He was being held Friday night in the Fulton County jail on $2,500 bond, booking records showed.

Investigators were also were concerned about deplorable conditions they found inside the apartment and notified the Division of Family and Children Services, Holland said. Jordan blamed the mess on the dog’s attack.