Lottery ticket sales versus HOPE allocation

By Kristina Torres

Application by Casey Miller

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The HOPE scholarship turned 20 years old in 2013. At inception it was heralded as a game-changer for Georgia's economic future, and the model soon was adopted by other states. You can read more about whether the HOPE has accomplished everything it set out to do here. You can read more about its future here.

The HOPE is funded by lottery sales. This interactive compares how much each county has contributed in lottery ticket sales (right map), vs. amount of scholarship money awarded to residents (left).

In both maps, a darker shade represents higher dollar amounts.

  • You can hover over a county for a quick view of lottery sales or HOPE awards.
  • By clicking on a county, the full data set appears in the chart beneath the map. This function allows you to compare data for sales vs. awards for a county, or for one county against another.