Women helping women

Thirteen women recently spent a morning to assemble swaddling bags at the Helping Mamas’ warehouse in Norcross, finishing each one with ribbons. One common goal: to serve.

“It was a soul satisfying experience. The ambiance of the room was filled with joy, happiness and caring. You see you can’t really volunteer and help unless you care about those you are helping,” said Sherley Brannon, president of the Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows (MWMW) ministry.

The ministry has 20 women who are ministers’ wives and widows.

The mission of Helping Mamas is to connect helping moms to moms needing help. They are the baby supply bank for Georgia, according to their site. The statistics equate to one in every three low-income homes are in need of essential baby items.

Established in 1834, Salem Missionary Baptist church in Lilburn has a congregation of about 4,500. MWMW is just one of several ministries that the church has.

“The ministry was designed to promote spiritual and social fellowship among the women because of the special calling on our lives.

“Serving alongside a husband committed to church service is no small task. It takes courage, humor, adaptability and a heart focused on pleasing God and loving people - even when love is not always returned to you,” said Brannon.

This year the focus is on women.

“Ladies are our hearts right now and it is a fantastic opportunity - women supporting women. Because as women we oft times take care of other people rather than ourselves. This is the basis of family, the children making sure that they have what they need,” Brannon said.

The women said the two hours spent were productive and heartfelt.

“It was the one project that everybody jumped on right away - unanimously and without hesitation. We do an annual outreach project and we decided that would be the one we would do this year and possibly again next year,” said Brannon.

For more information, visit https://helpingmamas.org



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