Which meal kit delivery service is right for you? Comparing Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and 8 more

Updated Dec 27, 2017

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Home-delivered meal kits are all the rage right now with more than a dozen companies offering diverse menus and pricing options.

And Amazon is making waves with a meal kit service of its own, a partnership with AllRecipes.com. While it’s fairly new, AmazonFresh offers customers the option to find a recipe they want to make and add the related ingredients to their shopping cart. This option, however, is only available for the most popular recipes.

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But even with the variety of meal kit options available, finding the right service for you can be a (delicious) challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. To help, we’ve put together a comparative list of 10 popular meal kits, their pricing, popularity and perks.

Reviews were collected by Consumer Reports and online Yelp customer reviews.

Blue Apron: The classic, safe bet

Photo: Blue Apron


$59.94: three meals for two people ($9.99 per meal per person)

$69.92: two meals for four people ($8.74 per meal per person)

Reviews: This is the most well-known meal-kit delivery option, making it the safest bet for first-timers. The portions are quite large and boxes include high-quality ingredients packaged meticulously.

Try Blue Apron.

HelloFresh: Simple meals with kid-friendly options

Photo: Hello Fresh


Classic plan

$59.94 ($9.99 per serving): three meals for two

$79.92 (9.99 per serving): four meals for two

$99.90 (9.99 per serving): five meals for two

$119.88 ($9.99 per serving): three meals for four

Veggie plan

$59.94 ($9.99 per serving): three meals for two, six total servings

Family plan

$69.92 ($8.74 per serving): two meals for four people

$104.88 ($8.74 per serving): three meals for four people

Shipping: free

Reviews: This service is lauded for its simple, but tasty low-calorie meals and thorough nutritional information. Lower than average calories, fat and sodium content.

Try HelloFresh.

PeachDish: Atlanta-based Southern comfort

Photo: PeachDish


$25 meal ($12.50 per serving) for two meals

$50 meal ($12.50 per serving) for four meals

$90 meal ($11.25 per serving) for eight meals

$130 meal ($10.83 per serving) for 12 meals

Shipping: $12 for guests; discounted for subscribers

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Reviews: Peach Dish offers Southern cooking delivered to your front door. Service does not offer menu plans for special dietary needs such as gluten-free, paleo, weight loss, low-calorie etc., but at least one gluten-free dish is offered each week, two vegetarian dishes in the seasonal menu and two veggie dishes among the changing weekly recipes. Company also offers a subscription service for discounted shipping.

Try PeachDish.

Plated: Popular for its tasty dishes, but pricy

Photo: Plated


Standard: $50 ($12.50 per serving): two meals for two, four total servings

Mimum cart requirement of $45 for any individual shipment.

Shipping: free for subscribers to most states, but $15 state fee per shipments in AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, ME, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA and WY. Non-subscribers will pay $12 guest fee per shipment to all states and an additional $15 for the states previously mentioned.

Reviews: Delicious food, but tougher to navigate instructions compared to some others, according to Observer.com. Also offered: adding up to 12 servings per dish to feed a big crowd. Higher than average fat and sodium content. 

Try Plated.

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Purple Carrot: Lots of vegan options, but choices are preset

Photo: Purple Carrot


$72 ($12 per serving): three meals for two, six total servings

Returns in early 2018: $80 ($10 per serving): two meals for four, eight total servings 

Performance meal: $78 ($13 per serving): three meals for two, six total servings 

Shipping: free

Reviews: The company caters exclusively to vegan diets and those with a knack for creative meal options. However, there are no meal choice options; everyone receives the same three meals per week. Recipe cards come with a newsletter based on the boxed items. Higher than average fat and sodium content.

Try Purple Carrot.

VeestroProtein, juice, weight-loss packs available

Photo: Veestro


A la carte option includes a variety of items to choose from such as breakfast, entrees, soups, desserts, juice and more. Minimum purchase of $35 required.

$209-$349 weight-loss plans: three choice options of 18-42 meals.

$99 starter pack ($8 and up per meal): 12 Veestro-picked meals and one juice

$229-$549 21 day kickstart pack ($8 and up per meal): Choose 1-3 healthy meals per day for 21 days

$229 protein power pack ($9 and up per meal): 24 plant-based protein meals

$229 gluten-free feast ($9 and up per meal): 25 gluten-free meals

$229 meatless Monday ($9 and up per meal): 24 meals

$219 lunchbox pack ($9 and up per meal): 20 meals and five juices

$520-$988 wedding prep ($9 and up per meal): lunch and dinner for 30 days

$259- kosher pack ($9 and up per meal): 28 meals

$119-$189 juice cleanse pack: 3- or 5-day juice cleanse pack with 18 or 30 organic fruit and vegetable juices

Reviews: Veestro is unique in that it offers a variety of items and plans at a wide range of price points and dietary needs. Reviewers have raved about the weight-loss plans and diversity in gluten-free choice options.

Try Veestro.

Chef’D: Very tasty, lifestyle-based options

Photo: ChefD


Pricing varies depending on meal choice and corresponding ingredients. Dinner for two averages $24 to $30 and for four, $27 to $75. Per serving, prices range from $9 to $17. Most of the time, the most expensive meals cost around $20 per serving.

Shipping: For orders that cost less than $40, the shipping costs are $10. Every delivery over $40 comes with free shipping.

Featured meal plans offer up to seven servings. Some plans included: American Diabetes Association plan, Atkins diet plan, New York Times cooking plan.

Reviews: Very tasty, curated meals with choices based on lifestyle (gluten-free, family-friendly, etc.). Some meals may involve more prep time than average.

Try Chef’D.

Green Chef: Fancy organic meals

Photo: Green Chef


$62.94 vegetarian ($10.49 per serving): three veggie meals for two

$71.94 omnivore ($11.99 per serving): three veggie, meat and seafood meals for two

$71.94 vegan ($11.99 per serving): three vegan meals for two

$80.94 carnivore ($13.49 per serving): three meat and seafood meals for two

$80.94 gluten-free ($13.49 per serving): three veggie, meat and seafood meals for two

$89.94 paleo ($14.99 per serving): three paleo-friendly meals for two

$95.92 omnivore family plan ($11.99 per serving): two veggie, meat or seafood meals for four

$103.92 carnivore family plan ($12.99 per serving): two meat or seafood meals for four

Shipping: $9

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Reviews: If you want to make fancy organic meals or have some diet restrictions, Green Chef offers some easy options with huge portions. Compared to other services, Green Chef meals are known to be lower in fat. Packaging is also recyclable or compostable.

Try Green Chef.

Sun Basket: For the health nuts

Photo: Sun Basket


$68.94 first week, $74.92 after ($11.49 per serving): three meals for two

$137.88 first week, $143.87 after ($11.49 per serving): three meals for four

Shipping: $5.99 per week

Reviews: More meal options than average meal-kit service. Healthy, tasty meals but no vegan option. Packaging is eco-friendly. Highest-rated by PCMag.com.

Try Sun Basket.

Home Chef: Fresh ingredients, simple recipes

Photo: Home Chef

Pricing: varies by dish

$9.95 per serving on meals; premium dishes sold at market price

$4.95 per serving on smoothies and fruit selections

Shipping: Free if you order 3+ meals; $10 otherwise

Reviews: Easy-to-follow recipes with 13 weekly choices. Lower than average calorie, carbohydrates. Flexible subscription plan to change delivery dates, adjust number of meals, etc.

Try Home Chef.

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