Traffic data shows how long commutes were to Braves opening weekend

The Braves have been touting its partnership with navigation app Waze for some time.

But, according to a news release from the team, it seems Waze has come up with some nuggets of data giving insight to how long it took some drivers on opening weekend to get to the game.

Waze crunched some numbers from the 33,447 drivers who used the app getting to SunTrust Park that weekend.

It found the average commute time was just under 26 minutes.

The average distance for those drivers was a hair above 17½ miles. For reference, Google says its a 14½-mile drive to SunTrust Park from Turner Field on I-75.

A total of 120,000 folks made it to the games that weekend.

Braves officials in the past have said while discussing traffic that using Waze is one of the best choices for getting to the game because the app will send you to the correct parking lot if you've bought your parking pass ahead of time.

As a bonus, the Braves released some statistics on the amount of mobile data used that weekend.

A total of 21,129 devices connected to the stadium’s free Wi-Fi in that time, according to Comcast data. At one point there were about 8,000 users on the network.

Folks on the opening night of SunTrust Park used 3.4 terabytes. The team did not say how much of that data was used on posting selfies.

As a comparison: According to AT&T data cited in the news release, Chicago Cubs fans used 1.4 terabytes opening night when their World Series banner was raised.

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