The Vent

People in this country live their lives with the idea that it is always someone else's fault if something is wrong. So we are raising a generation of children who have never accepted responsibility for anything that they have done wrong.

When I was growing up, shoppers used to respect stores displays and merchandise and not leave them in disarray. It is disgusting how these days shoppers don't care about anything and leave merchandise "totally trashed" as though the shoppers were raised in a barn!

Could a young person carry on a conversation without saying "like" in every sentence?

My two stores in Newnan sell Mexican Cokes and can't keep them in stock because they taste like the real thing. Wake up Coke and get rid of the corn syrup.

Bring back paddling in schools!

The reason I'm taking the time to go to the polls isn't because I have a favorite candidate. It's because it will give me the right to Vent for the next 365 days regardless of who wins.

Considering his mama's genes, it is no wonder Prince George is so cute.

Okay, everyone in favor of a "none of the above" on each and every ballot we get, please write your representative.

The Georgia Lottery's fiscal year profits were $945.1 million. I've been playing since its inception in 1992 and haven't even won $94.50 in total winnings!

If Kroy moved back to Montana we would never hear about his wife Kim Z. again!

I might have been speeding but which one of us is more dangerous - I was doing 65 in a 55 and you were doing well over 100 to catch up to me ?

The Georgia State Patrol, Doraville and Sandy Springs police departments sure missed a good day of ticket writing Sunday during the noon hour. Many drivers were driving 80 and 90 mph, tailgating and cutting in and out of traffic on I-285 between I-85 and I-75.

I just answer negative to all robo calls and say I will not vote to screw up their polls.

Want to avoid the incessant stupid political ads? Watch PBS!

When somebody besides a millionaire runs I might go vote.

Both my parents died from smoking, they started when they were 12 & were not warned of the dangers, perhaps I can collect a windfall too.

I'm sorry, but a vent starting out with "I'm sorry" should be voted to the bottom.