The Vent for Sunday

How long would a business last if the owner refused to fire people for bad results?

If we spent as much time solving our problems as we do playing the blame game, we'd be better off.

Why is it necessary for the government to operate in secret, keep information from its citizens, and distort the truth or lie? What happened to democracy and freedom of the press?

Dog treats from China have killed over 500 dogs and left over a thousand sick, yet officials want to send our homegrown chickens to China to be processed! I think I'll stick to "the other white meat".

Tea Party candidates didn't "slip through the cracks" to get into the Congress. They did just as Obama advised and won their elections.

First rate people hire first rate people.

700 IRS employees owe 5.4 million in back taxes. Another report shows 700 more Cadillacs were purchased in 2013 than in 2012.

When Obama is willing to fire people for bad performance, I will be willing to trust him over the private sector.

Why people marry more than once: (1) Older and wiser. (2) If at first you don't succeed — try and try again. (3) Hope springs eternal in the human heart. (4) Practice makes perfect.

You only thought the Ga 400 autobahn was crowded before.

Follow this logic: Republicans are outraged that the poor design of the website is preventing millions of people from enrolling in a program they shutdown the government to stop? They really have no scruples.