Q&A on the News

Q: What is the status of the Georgia parish that was relocating St. Gerard's Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo, N.Y., to Norcross?

-- Scott Grostefon, Marietta

A: Mary Our Queen parish is trying to raise between $12 million and $16 million to bring the church to Norcross, Father David Dye told Q&A on the News. At this point, it has received about $4 million in commitments, he said. "People keep saying, 'You've just got to do this. It's just got to be done,'" he said. "We are learning a little bit about fundraising. We had hoped we would find [a] Mr. Rockefeller who would pay for the whole thing or something." So far, a 7 ½-foot statue of St. Gerard and a marble candle stand have been moved from the 100-year-old church to Norcross. Updates and contribution information are provided at movedbygrace.com.

Q: The coaches of football and basketball teams do not wear their team’s uniform during games. Why do baseball managers wear uniforms?

-- Tony Gardner, Cumming

A: Publications including Sports Illustrated and The Wall Street Journal have cited Major League Baseball's Rule 1.11 (a), which was enacted in 1957, and says, "All players on a team shall wear uniforms identical in color, trim and style," according to MLB.com. The MLB applies the same dress code rules to managers and coaches, according to a 2007 ESPN.com story. All but two MLB managers wore uniforms even before that rule came along, according to a 2002 Sports Illustrated article. It seems managers don't seem to mind adhering to the dress code. "Could you imagine going out there in shiny dress shoes?" former Braves manager Bobby Cox said in the article. "How would you kick dirt on the umpire?"

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